A Coachman

(from the Russian Folk Song “Steppe, endless steppe”. )

( Drawing by B. Dexterev )

Steppe, endless steppe,
the way lies far before us,
and in that dense steppe
a coachman lay dying.

He summoned up all his strength,
as he felt death approaching,
and he gave an order
to his comrade:

“My dear friend,
do not think of the bad times,
but bury me here
in this dense steppe.

Give to my wife
a word of farewell;
and give back to her
this wedding ring.

And tell her as well
Not to be too sad,
To find another soulmate
And to get wed.

And tell her that I died here,
in the freezing steppe,
and that I have taken her love
away with me.”


( Photo by Vapi )

 * * *


One thought on “A Coachman

  1. […] Lots and lots and lots. But for today it will be an old Russian song “Steppe, endless steppe” […]

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