There is only one thing…

“There is only one thing that arouses animals more than pleasure, and that is pain.”

( Umberto Eco )

( Lastochka (The Swallow)
Svetlana Tverdokhlebova, Human Rights Watch 1999 )

from the “Confession at any cost: Police torture in Russia” report.

* * *


The Russian Federation has had a conscription army since 1918.3 In recent years, approximately 400,000 young men between the ages of eighteen and twenty-seven are drafted each year to serve in the regular army, the Ministry of Internal Affairs forces, border troops, and other branches of Russia’s vast armed forces.4 During the Soviet period conscription was a fact of life that was not open to public discussion. But after perestroika, Russians were able to voice their objections to conscription, and it became increasingly unpopular with the Russian public.

Dedovshchina is an extremely vicious form of bullying in the Russian armed forces.

Tens of thousands of young conscripts try to flee their units every year because of the abuses associated with it, some armed and ready to kill themselves and others if they are apprehended.

(Human rights Watch Report)

Every year at least 1,000 conscripts die in noncombat incidents — including hazing and suicide. Crimes involving sexual violence do exist in the army.

(RFERL – Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty )

I was killed in the army – Case study by The Mother’s Right Foundation

“I was killed in the army” – faces and stories of 18-20 year old Russian soldiers – victims of dedovshina (bullying), who never came home.

* * *

Background on conscription in Russia

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