A curious lot, people…

( ‘The Monolith’ by Gustav Vigeland )

“A curious lot, people: they all herd together, trampling on each other, when there is this much space.”

( from ‘Makar Chudra’ by Maxim Gorky, 1892 )

* * *


3 thoughts on “A curious lot, people…

  1. […] in with that curious lot, people, who all ‘herd together, trampling on each other’, as Maxim Gorky once said. I felt it was a mistake for me to be born at the first place and just wanted to […]

  2. Mélanie says:

    Thanx for sending me here… 🙂 I love Norway… ❤ P.S. only 4 "likes" 2 years ago?!… 😉

    • Otrazhenie says:

      That’s was just at the start of my blogging journey. Also, I’ve noticed, that ‘happy’ lighthearted posts usually get more ‘likes’ than more ‘chewy’ thought-provoking ones. 🙂

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